WSC 6.0 Galaxy - Light Edition

The “Galaxy”-Style impresses with its elegance and its versatile customization and setting options.

NOTICE: This product is compatible with WoltLab Suite 6.0.x




Our highest priority is to maximize the usability and the individualization options (setting options) without sacrificing the usual level of comfort - at best, significantly increasing it. For this reason, an additional plugin was integrated into the style package and various setting options were presented/displayed easily and, above all, clearly in the ACP. This means that all important changes/settings can be easily implemented directly in the ACP without any CSS/HTML knowledge.

These settings can be found in the ACP under "Configuration -> Options -> Style: Community".


To ensure that your style suits you and your community, we also offer maximum customization and color customization options. It is possible to adjust the main color of the style according to your wishes and needs in just a few simple steps - and without any special knowledge. It is of course also possible to offer several color combinations; you can copy the style as often as you like.



The footer box gives you the opportunity to place important links prominently and clearly in the footer area of the page. A distinction is made between 2 different categories, each with 8 possible links. In addition, you can not only include your logo and your social media channels but also include a short description of your website/project.


All additional boxes/features can be switched off/deactivated individually and separately from each other. Customize your design to your liking!


The following additional features are available in the theme/configuration plugin:

  • MainMenu Fixed: Offers the option to either fix the main menu (remains visible when scrolling) or unpin it (disappears when scrolling).
  • Forum: Last Posts: Offers the option to reduce the number of last posts in the forum overview from 2 to 1, corresponding to older WSC versions.
  • Sidebar Collapse/Expand: Shows an additional button in the pageNavigation to collapse and expand the sidebar within the page navigation.
  • Special Member-List: Changes the view and activates a special member list (including a team overview).



With this extension / addon, the copyright notice from the style (SK-Designz) can be removed/hidden in the footer.


  • Galaxy - Light Edition
    EUR 19.99

No statement of value added tax, as small business owners in accordance with § 19 para. 1 UStG. or not subject to VAT according to § 19 1 UStG

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