Modernization of our products

In our previous news, the discontinuation of support for outdated WoltLab Suite versions was announced ( link to article ).

Because we have always made sure to support all current WoltLab Suite versions in our products and to offer the same features and functions through the different version strands as much as possible, correspondingly few legacy issues from the old versions have been dragged along into the newer style versions for the sake of compatibility. By removing these - now obsolete and no longer supported - versions, we now have the opportunity to remove this legacy and to be able to integrate all the new capabilities of WoltLab Suite 5. 3 (and higher) now also in the older style series.

So, we will be updating all of our style series and adding more new features / restructuring to the style series as we "modernize" them. This will affect almost all style series.

The modernization or the update itself will be free for all customers!