WSC 5.5 - Compatibility of our products

WoltLab Suite is going into the next round and the update 5.5 has already been released a few days ago. In this context, we would like to take a "stand" and explain in detail the further procedure of our products with regard to compatibility with the latest WoltLab Suite version. In principle, all style/product versions that were released before WoltLab Suite 5.5 are not compatible and cannot / should not be used productively at the current time.


Will there be an update?

Yes! It is definitely planned to adapt our products to the latest WoltLab Suite version and to release a compatibility update in a timely manner. Due to the fact that profound changes have been made to the basic structure and also to the structure for the general appearance (this concerns especially the mobile view), the updates are unfortunately very complex and not comparable to the previous years / previous versions (3.0 -> 3.1 -> 5.2 -> 5.3 -> 5.4). Accordingly, at the current time we can not yet set an exact schedule for the updates, but this will certainly take a few days / weeks, we ask for your understanding in this regard. Further down in the article you will find a list and the current status of the individual styles.


Will the update be free?

Up to and including WoltLab Suite 5.4, all product updates (compatibility and feature updates) were free of charge for all our customers. Unfortunately, we cannot continue this due to economic reasons and the effort behind the upcoming update for version 5.5. The update will be for existing customers (if needed) once per license and can be ordered in the license management as soon as the product update is available, the price for this will be for the "Standalone" products ("Light" or "Dark" edition) at 9.99€ and for the bundle editions at 14.99€.

Customers who have ordered the products via our store can extend the respective licenses as already mentioned via license management in the customer account, customers who purchase our products directly via the PluginStore at WoltLab would have to purchase the new version of the respective styles in the PluginStore again, since WoltLab does not support paid updates it is necessary here to upload / offer the product again, however, customers of the previous version can also make use of the update price here, provided that the previous license is stored on the same customer account at WoltLab. The price for the updates in WoltLab's PluginStore look like this: 12,99€ for the "Light" and/or "Dark" edition. As soon as the updates are released, there will be a seperate article online explaining the whole thing in more detail.

Thank you for your understanding!


Current Status

  • Basic Core (Released) (Free upgrade!)
  • Clouds (Released)
  • Minimalistic (Released)
  • BaseLine (Released)
  • Visionary (Released)
  • Factory (Released)
  • Community (Released)
  • Invision (Released)
  • GamerLevelz (Released)
  • Lumatics (Released)

Current Status: 08.03.2023

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